Best of Seal Beach as Eco Friendly Business

Before stepping into our office each morning, we do two things. First, we have a cup of coffee in our system and full cup in our hand. Second, we check our mailbox. Now imagine an over caffeinated us grabbing the newspaper to find this: Eezy Supplies Voted Best of Seal Beach as Eco-Friendly Business.
So happy, so humbled, and so grateful to be part of this community. We grew up in Seal Beach and stand by our initiatives 100%. To be recognized for something we believe is a necessity for any operating business is beyond rad. Thank you for believing in what we do and our mission: When we launched Eezy, we made a commitment to close the sustainability loop. As an e-commerce company that’s managed by people who love nature, it came to making our planet a priority. Link in bio to learn more about our sustainability initiatives.