Surf, Climb, Camp

Rig Feature: @TheTerrainPark

What make, model, and year of rig?

2005 Chevrolet Astro Van

What is your rig used for most?

This rig is set up for surfing, camping, and ultimate fun. I built it with the idea that I could safely carry multiple surfboards, equipment, and other toys and also be able to sleep inside of it. It’s a great van for Joshua Tree and also works equally well blending in around your local neighborhood.

How many does it sleep?

  • Ideal for 1 person

Rough estimate of material cost?

$650 for lumber, paint, hardware, fabric, wetsuit bucket/water jug.

Any recycled or upcycled materials used?

Some scrap wood was used but mostly lumber from Home Depot. Custom curtains sewn to size for Astro windows.

Favorite add-on?

I love everything about my van. It is setup exactly how I want it. I have a small three-drawer container inside for clothes. I usually have three different surfboards at all times. At least one skateboard for cruising around. I have a camp-stove and a small Coleman cooler.

Recommendations for someone wanting to start their rig build?

Life on the road is great. So much freedom and satisfaction found in the adventure. The cool thing is that you don’t need a fancy rig to enjoy the open road. Hop in your parents’ Camry and chart a course for the coast or the mountains. Enjoy every moment even the not so exciting ones. Take time to admire the little things and most importantly have fun.