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Rig Feature: @TheKeepItLocalStuff

What make, model, and year of rig?

2015 Nissan NV200

What is your rig used for most?

Mostly used for Surfing, and Camping!

How many does it sleep?

  • 2 average humans + 1 doggo

Rough estimate of material cost?

Well a rough estimate of lumber and mics things like screws, wood glue, nails, and other beautifications would be around $200.00 but thats over a time frame of at least 2 years. Oh ya and some random but useful recycled alley-way lumber finds that people were just throwing away!

Any recycled or upcycled materials used?

Some of the lumber used for the build I was lucky enough to upcycle from random alley-ways, but I also made my window curtains out of left over canvas from a previous job. I work in the custom canvas industry so that one was really easy.

Favorite add-on?

My favorite add-on has to be my porthole windows! Aside from the ability to see out on a cold winter morning, they also give the van so much extra character, which overall gives her a less creepy panel van vibe which is great for urban camping!

Recommendations for someone wanting to start their rig build?

My only recommendation for life on the road is to have fun with it! And always remember that the outdoor excursion and van life experience is all about the attitude that you bring with you! So make it positive.