In Our Element

Rig Feature: @EllensCollection & @Mike_Mazz

What make, model, and year of rig?

2008 Honda Element

What is your rig used for most?

This rig is used mostly for long road trips and camping. 

How many does it sleep?

  • 2 people comfortably

Rough estimate of material cost?

Rough estimate of material costs: $150 – Lumber, curtains, ceiling net, hinges, wood glue, screws, etc.

Any recycled or upcycled materials used?

We recycled the wood from our previous not so great platform and also used UV coated 3/4” birch wood for extra stability and a nice finish for the topping. The left over wood was used to create the support beams along with another sheet of 1⁄2” birch wood for shelving and support.

Favorite add-on?

Our favorite add ons consists of our Yeti cooler, our camp chef two burner stove, and the 4” memory foam mattress. We actually used those items measurements to custom the shelving and storage specifically for perfect fit.

Recommendations for someone wanting to start their rig build?

Life on the road advice: Always bring some sort of weapon whether that be a hatchet, a large knife, a flare gun, bear spray, etc. Those items in particular provide many uses, along with protection. A foldable shovel/shovel, because you never know when you may have to dig yourself or the rig out. A comfortable sleeping area when traveling for long periods of time is crucial. We definitely noticed a huge difference in our day to day routines when investing and a nicer sleeping mattress. We were more alert and up to do more activities during our day when we had a better sleeping area, and we had less body pains. Organization in the rig is huge. Saves you time and frustration on finding things. That’s one reason why we built our rig the way we did. Previous on the road experiences before the new set up was frustrating. We were always losing things and taking too much time digging our items out, and spending less time exploring and enjoying life on the road.