Built For Baja

Rig Feature: Tim Harty

What make, model, and year of rig?

1997 4x4 Toyota Tacoma

What is your rig used for most?

My truck is my daily driver but enjoyed most when being used for camping, surfing and dive trips.

How many does it sleep?

  • 2 average humans + 2 small humans + 1 doggo

Rough estimate of material cost?

My biggest and most proud investment on my truck is definitely the camper shell. A Wildernest that can be opened up into a pop up tent and collapsed into a regular shell. Craigslist find that ran be $1,000.00 that I would happily spend again.

Any recycled or upcycled materials used?

I used some home gym mats as the flooring in my shell to ease the pain on my knees while crawling around and keep equipment from being banged up. Amazon find for $25.00.

Favorite add-on?

Favorite add on is the Wildernest shell. It's uniqueness and rarity makes my truck a one of a kind, hard to find ride.

Recommendations for someone wanting to start their rig build?

Maps, maps, maps. Be prepared for anything and know where you're going. I've been on numerous deep baja missions in search of waves and dive spots. These trips are completely off the grid, no cell phone service and far and few gas stations. Knowing what gas stations you need to fill up at can save you a LOT of trouble. Getting lost is an easy task and will happen, this is when you learn most about yourself and learn most about the area. Plan your trip thoroughly and pay attention to small detail. Most of all, experiencing the journey to your destination can be more satisfying than the arrival, that's what the adventure in life is all about!