Built For Baja

Owner: Tim Harty | Type: Truck Buildout | Rig: 1997 4x4 Toyota Tacoma


Platform: Ideal for 2 people interested in overland camping, surfing, or dive trips. 

Key Components

Camper Shell: Wildernest Camper Shell, collapses as a standard shell or opens as a pop up tent.

Gym Mats: Bed liner makes getting in and out easier.

LED Light Strips: Battery operated, extremely efficient, and easy application.


Zippered Bags: Keeps smaller items organized

Lockable Storage Box: Wetsuit, Dive Equipment, Changing Mat

Rig Essentials

Igloo 2 Gallon Water Cooler | Surfboard Quiver | BFG All-Terrain Tires | Eezy Lieutenant Duffel Bag