Mystery Bag

Mystery Bag


Each mystery bag is completely unique to the next and filled with surprise. Every bag is hand picked and packed by the Eezy team and comes with 1 randomly selected tee, 1 cap, and 1 patch. These items can range from ultra-rare classics, one of a kind prototypes, and seasonal overstock. As always, each item is backed by the Eezy Supplies Guarantee.

Commonly Asked:

Enclosed in my #mysterybag was a Tiny Compass, do I win?

Yes. Yes you do. Please contact us ( with a photo of the little compass to claim your prize!

What if I don't like what I get?

As each #mysterybag differs from one another, part of purchasing the bag is the surprise itself. Therefore we are unable to offer returns or exchanges with the purchase of this item.

If I order more than one #mysterybag or ordered one last time, is there a possibility of receiving duplicate items?

Nope. Because the bags are packed by hand, we are able to guarantee that each #mysterybag will be completely unique with no chances of duplicate items.


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